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Voveo is a blockchain based voting tool including a video conferencing platform that enables to run digitally annual general meetings (AGM) or meetings without compromising your security. Voveo also proposes legal services via our partners to facilitate the implementation of the AGM.


Combining the existing digital means and the blockchain technology, Voveo provides a simple, secure and anonymous way to vote or make decisions.

By storing the polling result on the Ethereum blockchain, Voveo ensures the authenticity of the result and make it immutable including from us.


We believe that everyone has the right to participate in decisions-making anywhere and anytime without compromising his security and identity as well as the opportunity to verifiy the authenticity of the voting result.

Voveo is super simple to use, enables a quick setup and a secure way of voting.


Digital meetings

Voveo is a blockchain based voting tool for annual general meetings (AGM) and other types of assemblies or meetings.

Quick & Simple

Voveo runs on any device: desktop, tablet and mobile phones (iOS & Android). Set up your event with a few clicks and accredit participants with personalized invitation codes.


All polling is stored on the Ethereum blockchain - one of the most secure and immutable database.



Run your assembly on Ethereum testnet blockchain

Voveo web app for desktop, tablet and mobile phones (iOS & Android)

Up to 100 users

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alpha version


Run your assembly on Ethereum mainnet blockchain

Voveo web app for desktop, tablet and mobile phones (iOS & Android)

Unlimited number of users

Live Support

CHF 10 per user per assembly

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Run your assembly on Ethereum mainnet blockchain

Voveo web app for desktop, tablet and mobile phones (iOS & Android)

Unlimited number of users

Custom setup & On-site support

Legal service & project management

Custom pricing

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End-to-end process


As a participant of an event, you just enter your access code. After the host accredits you, you're ready and in. There is no user/password or seed phrase you need to write down or remember. It just takes a few seconds.


Super simple administration. As an admin of an event or assembly, you easily accredit participants and set up the agenda.


As a host of an event, you create an invitation code per participants which they will then use to accredit. This way you make sure no user signs on twice or any unwanted 3rd party is joining.


We provide you with a secure yet disposable account. When using Voveo, we create a private/public keypair for you which is stored in your local browser. After an event, you decide whether you want to add this key to your wallet or just dispose it.



Run a video feed during your event. Share your screen or presentation. Make a video conference call with all participants. We integrate open-source software Jitsi.


We offer video and text chat (integrated in Jitsi). This is separated from the voting, which means that you can identify yourself on the video but still are private (aka pseudonymous) when you vote.


After concluding an event, meeting minutes with the voting results are generated automatically and ready to be copied, printed or saved as PDF.


The voting results are stored on the blockchain which ensures its immutability. Since all data is on the blockchain, there is no need to keep a record on our your server.


Ethereum mainnet

Run on the Ethereum mainnet, one of the most secure databases in the world.

Ethereum testnet

Voveo runs on Ethereum testnet, where it can be used for free. Be aware that the testnets do not have the same security as the mainnet.

Ethereum PoA

Coming soon: Run on Proof of Authority blockchain. Fast, efficient and cheaper than the Ethereum mainnet.


Whatever blockchain you choose, your event is secure. Your actions are signed with a private key that only exists on your local machine in the browser. Everything you do is securely deployed and stored in the blockchain.

Privacy & Security


Privacy by design. We do not include any 3rd party API

No tracking

There is no tracking, not by Voveo and not by any 3rd party. No 3rd party cookies and no Google Analytics. Because privacy matters.

Stay anonymous

You decide whether you want to use personalized data or not. Of course, we accept crypto currencies (Bitcoin and Ether) for payments.

More to come

Are we missing something? Is there any special features you need? Feel free to ask.

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Technology stack

Ethereum technology is used at Voveo


Web3.js is used at Voveo


Solidity is used at Voveo


React.js is used at Voveo



Voveo Team with Simon, Mauro, Alex, Yves, Charles, Roger
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Simon Buechi

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Polto at Voveo

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Blockchain Innovation Group is a partner of Voveo

Blockchain Innovation Group

CoreLedger is a partner of Voveo

CoreLedger AG

Wicki Partners is a partner of Voveo

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DALAW is a partner of Voveo